A New Future for Mierendorffplatz

A group of Smart City Design students has conducted a design study together with partners to rethink curb access at Mierendorffplatz.

A square in the heart of Charlottenburg

Mierendorffplatz is a public square named after the social democratic politician Carlo Mierendorff. The 9000 square meters large area is located on the island Kalowswerder in Berlin Charlottenburg. The area surrounding the square is today known as Mierendorffkiez.
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Our Ideas for Mierendorffplatz

Learn about the proposals made to implement curbside management at the square.
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Design Proposal of Mierendorffplatz

Mierendorffplatz is located in Berlin's Charlottenburg district at the intersection of Keplerstraße and Kaiserin-Augusta-Allee. The site feels more like a "through-traffic" space rather than a "to-traffic" space. The busy roads and train stations have taken over a majority of the intent of the park and site. Harnessing the uniqueness of the site we could implement a design that supports both options without placing too much power in the hands of the vehicles.
Russ Schaub
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The Green Path

The green path is an implementation of smart street lights in the area of Mierendorffplatz with a purpose to to make the area more pedestrian accomentating by guiding them across the street, where they choose to cross to catch the natural movement of walking in the area. By implementing smart light technology, the environmental impact lowers and creates and the natural movement can be collected by the smart systems and this data used for future planning and design projects in the area.
Moa Halldin
Park smart app Park smart app

Park Smart App

The design proposal is to create multipurpose spaces for markets space, which is present at Mierendorffplatz 9-15 on Wednesdays and Saturdays, hang-out and chill-out spots for friends and family gatherings, or to create a co-working space with the option of booking multiple spaces at the same time, if available, on an application called Park Smart. The goal is to create a creative and open-minded space that can be used for whatever needs and wants are currently missing.
Kim Arnold
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A square with eco-friendly mobility at its core

The concept of the Mieri Mobility Bridge takes the diverse functions of the square into account and “maximize[s] mobility and access for the wide variety of curb demands” (Institute of Transportation Engineers, 2018). The car-centric nature of the square is deprioritized to make room for the people who live, learn, and work in Mierendorffkiez.
Paul Hermann
Mobility hub cultural day event restaurant café tables Mobility hub cultural day event restaurant café tables

The Lingertree

The concepts relates to trees as an urban element, and as an object in the city. An abstraction of a flower was what was seen in the first prototype as the petals of this element were saved as a canopy to provide shade and also a roof to allow activities to take place underneath it.
Valentina Sánchez Aguirre
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Tap & Ride

With the Tap & Ride service, it should become as easy to rent a vehicle as doing a contactless payment. More so, the pricing scheme should be integrated in the public transport pricing, so that taking a bike or scooter costs as much as riding a bus or the subway. And owners of a public transport ticket can use it to unlock lightweight vehicles as needed.
Paul Hermann
Qualityoflife Qualityoflife

Combination of quality of life and logistics

Less traffic and more green space is a concept that can help improve the quality of life such as to make space for the public, maintain biodiversity in the city, increase sustainable mobility, and promote social cohesion and collaboration. I think that the transformation of the Mierendorffplatz should go in this direction. But how can overwhelmed garbage containers and packstations as well as rental bikes and scooters parked on the street fit into this concept?
Viktoriia Makeieva
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Let’s Fill Some Colour in the Street

The purpose of this project is to transform the Mierendorfplatz into a vibrant and lively location by employing warm hues that blends well with the surroundings. Since the site is near an immigration office, 3D bears are presented to demonstrate Berlin's uniqueness and welcoming each international immigrant. The Ivory Colour is proposed for the Pedestrian Area so that individuals may enjoy their walks more comfortably.
Sumit Munjal

What is curbside management?

Curbside management aims to organize and distribute space in a holistic approach, where the main focus lies on the actual use of space by being accessible, safe and adaptable; while utilizing a digital ecosystem.

Our Partners

We collaborated with local stakeholders as well as international experts in the field of curbside management.
  • "The district office of Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf will develop the Mierendorff-ISLAND into a model neighborhood for sustainable mobility over the next few years. The concepts of the Macromedia students show that here, exemplary for the whole district, is a lot of potential for the traffic turnaround that needs to be raised."
    Oliver Schruoffeneger
    District Councillor for Order, Environment, Streets and Green Spaces
  • "We from the mieri-mobil project are highly impressed by the students' response to our challenges at Mierendorffplatz. These great and detailed impulses will help us improve traffic safety and quality of stay on the Mierendorff-ISLAND. Thank you very much for your commitment!"
    Rolf Mienkus
    Managing Director INSEL-PROJEKT.BERLIN GmbH
  • "The students all brought their own unique global experiences and professional backgrounds to this project. They created a broad range of solutions, bringing together digital and physical infrastructure in new ways. It was exciting to see how the students built on and furthered the themes I've been researching on the future of curbside management."
  • "A great collection of fresh ideas and new perspectives on curbside management! The students did an excellent job on solving their own design challenges and converging towards a tangible concept. Both recognisable and inspiring for the projects we're currently working on with Coding the Curbs."
  • "It was very inspiring what potential the students saw in the public space at Mierendorffplatz. I often had to think about my own work during the final presentations, since we at Deutsche Bahn are currently working on a curbside management solution in the area of shared mobility."
    Deutsche Bahn Connect

We Never Stop Smiling!

Hi and nice to meet you! This is our brave team. We work very hard to provide an awesome experience for you.
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    Kim Arnold
    B.A. Architecture and Interior Architecture, passionate about sustainability and mobility
  • Paul Hermann
    Paul Hermann
    Berliner with passion for sustainable urban spaces, cycling & the environment
  • Viktoriia Makeieva
    Viktoriia Makeieva
    I am a student originally from Ukraine, working as 3D Artist
  • Pic for website[12]
    Sumit Munjal
    Bachelor’s in architecture. More into playing with colours and public spaces.
  • Whatsapp image 2022 01 25 at 15.08.17
    Valentina Sánchez Aguirre
    Designing smart spaces. B.A. in architecture, M.Sc. in sarcasm.
  • Whatsapp image 2022 02 08 at 02.52.52
    Sara Reichert
    Electrical Engineer at TU Berlin. Passionate about connecting science and civil society.
  • Liekeypma2020sq
    Lieke Ypma
    User centricity guru for mobility and passionate design lecturer.
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